Supply Chain Solutions

Shaan’s Cargo Pvt.Ltd., recognizes that your company’s image is comprised of two key elements, “Your Product” with “Our Service”. Customer perception is influenced by our ability to provide your product at the right price and the right time. Increasingly it is supply chains, which compete for the customer. SHAAN's as your business partner can help ensure that your product reaches the market place on time and in good condition.

Shaan's Supply Chain Solutions

Freight Management Services

Shaan's Cargo can support and promote your supply chain(s) through the provision of freight management services, our primary goal is to understand your requirements and provide the solutions. Some of examples of our freight management services are

Vendor Management - The interface to and management of multiple suppliers both locally and internationally that support both your transport and logistics requirements. This philosophy enable you take advantage of the benefits of multiple suppliers, best of breed in their field, whilst having a single face to deal with.

Order Management - We provide a variety of services including order expediting, receiving of goods, pick and pack, assembly and shipping and inventory control. Where you have more than one product and more than one supplier in an overseas region, we can co-ordinate a “Buyers Consolidated Warehouse” in order to efficiently manage your inventory and asset flow.

Just in Time Supplies - We provide support services top ensure inventory arrives at the right time to ensure maximum up-time in your production cycles.

Materials Management - We receive, store, package and ship raw materials, sub-assemblies and/or finished goods for suppliers, manufacturers and customers to ensure strategic deployment of your global, marketable goods.

Assembly and Distribution - Including services such as assemblies, pack and repack, promotion packing and labeling, stock management and management to end customer services.

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