Customs Broker

Operating throughout India and through our global agency network, Shaan’s Customs Brokers provide a vital in-house link in the total transport package. Trained personnel who are fully conversant with, and certified in, local customs Regulations and procedures are ready to classify and clear your goods.

Shaan’s Cargo Pvt.Ltd., pre-clearance and customs clearance services in each of the countries within its global network. Your goods can be classified, and where appropriate cleared prior to arrival into the destination country.

In addition, Tariff consultants are available to provide consultancy on a range of matters such as Dumping, Duty Concessions, Duty Drawbacks and other matters.

SHAAN’S Customs Brokers are electronically linked to Indian Customs’ Services utilizing state of the art software packages, ensuring rapid turnaround in clearance together with automatic updating of records, tariff concessions and other statistical codes providing proven efficiency in time and finance.

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